February 12, 2019

Only a few days till Valentine’s day and we thought to open our heart to you and share our feelings for our big love, Elounda of Crete.


If you have ever been in love, you must be familiar with the feeling of loving every part of someone. This is exactly how we feel about our Elounda. This little fish village in east Crete is a secret haven for holidays in Greece for couples, ideal for Greek island hopping, great for family holidays in Greece and with absolute certainty, one of the best honeymoon destinations in Greece (wink wink Valentine!)  


Amazing location with breathtaking landscape and the most beautiful sunrise are only some of the reasons to visit Elounda. And with more than a handful of the best hotels in Crete, once you visit Elounda and stay in the Elounda Palm Hotel’s brand new private pool suites (launching this spring summer 2019!) or our spacious sharing pool suites and comfortable rooms and bungalows, your Elounda holidays will remain unforgettable -without blowing your budget- and will bring you back for holidays in Crete every year. So, mind you dear guests, this paradise on the island of Crete will steal your heart (like ours!) and it doesn’t have to become the rival of your Valentine but your loving nest.


We have millions reasons to love this place, but here are the 5 that stands out the most:



 1. The Island of Spinalonga


picture by Brian Kloek via Agios Nikolaos Crete


Not so long ago (from 1903 till 1957) the island of Spinalonga hosted a leper colony, inhabited by people from all over Greece who were diagnosed with Hansen’s Disease, all isolated away from their families in this ex-Venetian castle. The extraordinary story of Spinalonga island and the stories of love and tears that surround this era still strike visitors to date.


After Victoria Hislop’s magnificent novel “The Island” became a bestseller and a successful TV series, Spinalonga topped the bucket list of travelers worldwide. The area has a cinematic scenery and remains a living legend in the modern society of Elounda and Plaka. Wandering around the narrow alleys of Spinalonga you become the star, overwhelmed by the vibes from all the stories of pain and love of the past.


Visiting the Island is very easy. You can hop on a boat either from Elounda, Plaka or from Agios Nikolaos or combine a guided tour to the island with a daily excursion and a swim in the crystal clear water of Mirabello gulf.



2. Luxury and Simplicity in Balance


Infinity Suite sharing pool- Elounda Palm Hotel


There’s abundance of hotels in Crete with private pool, luxury resorts and boutique hotels, but the hotels in Elounda are top notch.  At the same time, the luxurious feel of your hotel room and private pool is balanced by the simplicity of the area and the casual vibe of authentic villages like Plaka, Mavrikiano and Fourni or the picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos.


There are only a few destinations in Greece where you can find the best hotels and authentic surroundings; you either have to compromise with basic accommodation or touristic surroundings. Holidays in Elounda need no compromises!


In the Elounda Palm Hotel we pride for keeping elegance and simplicity at perfect balance, offering comfortable rooms, spacious sharing pool rooms and private pool suites, laid back feel, friendly customer service and authentic Cretan cuisine to pamper you but also make you feel like Crete is home.


Who needs more?!




 3. Strategic Location


Photo property of Elounda Palm hotel


Elounda is located at a perfect spot…simple as that! It is less than an hour from the airport of Heraklion (the biggest airport in Crete) and one hour from the capital of Crete, Heraklion. That means easy access to the heart of the island, the north, the south, further east, but also easy access to the Cycladic islands of Mykonos, Santorini and beyond through the port of Heraklion for the best Greek island hopping! This is probably why smart travelers combine a relaxing stay in a hotel in Elounda after an adventure in a Cycladic island (like Mykonos) or the wild Chania on the west part of Crete.


Daily excursions to Knossos Palace, Festos Palace, the Museum of Heraklion, Lassithi plateau, Ierapetra, Matala, Sitia, Vai beach and the magnificent Chrissi island on a boat trip are only a few of the things to do from Elounda, hassle free. And after a long day on the road, relaxing by your infinity suite sharing pool with views of the Mirabello bay makes you feel you’re at the right place, at the right time!  




4. Fish and Seafood Paradise


Photo property of Elounda Palm hotel


As you may have read from our last blog post on Cretan cuisine, the menu on a Cretan table is mainly dominated by meat dishes (goat and lamb at their best!). However, we have great news for all the fish lovers and pescetarians out there; you just found your ideal holiday destination in Crete! Elounda and Plaka are fish villages with many restaurants and tavernas serving different kinds of fresh fish and seafood, cooked in many delicious ways!


Committed to our love for authentic dishes, at the Elounda Palm Hotel you will find fresh fish for lunch at the pool restaurant and on the a la carte dinner menu at Dacos Restaurant prepared by our chef, Vassilis and his team, with love! Pair your seafood meal with ouzo or Assyrtiko wine from our meticulously drafted wine list.


For an unforgettable experience you can even go fishing with a sailing boat and eat the catch of the day with your “colleagues” during your boat trip on the gulf of Mirabello. For more information ask us at the reception.




  5. Great Holidays for Couples and Families


Picture by stokpic via pixabay


Hands down, Elounda is the best honeymoon destination in Crete and one of the top in Greece and worldwide for a special occasion and a romantic getaway! Holidays in Greece for couples may be an easy task, but there aren’t many destinations which tick all the right boxes. Exquisite sharing and private pool rooms: check! Location: check! Romantic stories and scenery: check! Authenticity: check! Check, check, check!


Visitors in Elounda are not here to party, but are here to unwind, relax and enjoy, come in touch with the sea, nature and the local culture, stroll around picturesque villages, eat delicious food and interact with very friendly locals. So, while the party boys and girls are headed to another location, couples of all ages, friends, solo travelers and families visit Elounda for their dose of relaxation and adventure.


The Elounda Palm Hotel is ideal for a romantic holiday in Greece. Here you can pamper yourself in one of our beautiful pool suites, enjoy a massage in our brand new spa and gaze the stars holding a delicious cocktail from our renowned Mellow Bar by the pool, in a simple, laid back and elegant environment.


At the same time, little monkeys love the Elounda Palm. In a cosy setup, parents can treat themselves by the pool while their little ones have fun in the secluded playground only footsteps away, thus keeping every member of the family happy and content!



Have you ever been to Elounda in Crete? Share with us what makes YOU love Elounda!